Using HR as a Competitive Edge

October 10, 2019

What organization doesn’t want a competitive edge?  Did you know you’re sitting on a huge edge right now?  Building a solid human resources foundation will instantly give you a competitive edge. 

How? There are seven easy steps. 

  1. Recruitment and Selection 
    • Have a clear plan for your organization and its growth and hire accordingly.
    • Hire the right people at the right time.
    • Take the time to learn how to interview – that’s time well spent.
    • Know your hiring pool – stay connected and be aware when good people become available.
  2. Onboarding 
    • Hiring employees isn’t enough – make a real impact through your onboarding. 
    • Set clear expectations up front. 
    • Employees need the right tools and resources to be successful. In case you were wondering, a pat on the back, a hearty welcome to the company and a desk full of work is not onboarding. 
  3. Compensation
    • You’ve probably heard me say this before, but your compensation strategy is the window to your soul.  Don’t be soulless. 
    • Be fair, consistent, current, and clear. 
  4. Benefits
    • Not all companies have benefit plans, but if you are large enough and have the money to offer them, at least give it some consideration.
    • Benefits don’t have to be expensive. Be creative. Know what your employees need and want. Fruit in the breakroom can go a long way – okay, not as far as every other Friday afternoon off, but hey, do what you can.
  5. Performance
    • If you don’t think employees want to hear how they’re performing, then start digging your head out of the sand and look around. Employees want and need feedback, along with encouragement and direction. 
    • Take time to evaluate performance on a regular, fair, and consistent basis with all of your employees. 
  6. Training 
    • If there are opportunities to offer your employees training so they can do their job better or learn something new, do it. Believe me; they want it.
  7. Culture 
    • If you aren’t intentional about it, someone in your organization is, and you’d better find out who because they might not be singing from the same sheet of music. Know who the culture leaders are and be sure they understand the message you want to send. 
    • Culture is the make or break of your cutting and competitive edge. Ultimately, do your employees want to come to work every day? If you don’t know, you have no edge! 

Use these seven HR core principles in your organization and kick the competition to the curb.  

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